Limited offer – Maximist Aura TS50 TNT

Performance on a Budget from a Brand you can trust

The MaxiMist Aura TS50 TNT is a unique coupling of the renowned TS50 motor and the industry leading ‘TNT, Twist N Tan’ spray applicator with Blow Dry feature

The MaxiMist™ Aura TS50 TNT features a powerful 400 watt Single Stage HVLP motor.

Capable of performing 20+ tans per day – no sweat!

Easy to maintain the unit by simply removing the washable filter from the front of the unit, washing and replacing once dry.

Turbine rated at 78DB (with gun attached) similar to that of the common household vacuum cleaner.

The MaxiMist™ “Twist N Tan” Spray Gun is super simple to use, extremely lightweight and incorporates a Non-Stick needle to virtually eliminate tanning solution buildup and corrosion, which are the leading reasons for most gun clogs.

With an improved ergonomic handle with comfort-grip and a unique patented split gun system, “Twist N Tan” enables fast solution changes for the busy tanner, no fussing with extra cups and lids.

The MaxiMist™ Aura TS50 TNT includes 3 Spray heads, 3 Cups & 3 Cup Lids!

Simple adjustments right at the trigger allow you to precisely control the spray pattern and will apply any tanning solution with flawless precision.

A quick twist of the Air cap enables a Vertical or Horizontal spray technique.

Another unique benefit with our new Twist N Tan Spray Gun is the “Blow Dry” feature. Once your spray session is completed, simply remove the spray head and blow dry your client.  Now that’s innovation!

The MaxiMist™ TNT is paired with a unique “Conical” bottom tapered cup. This design enhancement eliminates the flat bottom “solution pool dead zone” found in other cup designs. The specialised C