Maxi Clean HVLP Gun Cleaner

100% Organic, Sea Kelp based Spray Gun Cleaner

Properly cleaning and maintaining your Professional Spray Tanning Gun is key to a consistent smooth spray application. Our Maxi Clean HVLP Gun Cleaner is formulated to break down the sugars associated with DHA while not containing corrosive ingredients.

Poorly cleaned guns cause blotching, spitting, and uneven spray flow. Spray equipment and parts can be damaged from improper cleaning or harsh cleaners, this can cause damage which is not covered under equipment warranties.

Our all natural, 100% organic Maxi Clean HVLP Gun Cleaner is a Sea Kelp based gentle cleaning liquid can be used after every gun use, or in an “as needed basis”.

It can be used as a “spray through” cleaner with an assembled gun, or a “wipe down” product for thoroughly cleaning, needles, caps, tips and all other gun parts. Rinse cleanser from all parts, and dry, before assembly.

Maxi Clean HVLP Gun Cleaner can also be used to clean Airbrush style units, wiping down of the spray area and all surfaces that might have over spray residue.

Directions: (from product label)

-Remove all excess solution from spray cup

-Fill cup with 2 oz of Maxi Clean HVLP Gun Cleaner

-Spray Maxi Clean HVLP Gun Cleaner out of gun, into towel, sink or wash station , until empty.

-Fill solution cup with 2 ounces of water, spray rinse water from gun for 30 seconds

After every 10-20 spray sessions, guns should be disassembled and deeply cleaned with Maxi Clean HVLP Gun Cleaner  . These steps include dis assembly, gun tip and needle removal. All parts should be thoroughly cleaned , rinsed, and wiped dry. Reassemble, and readjust gun based on manual specifications.