MaxiMist Pro TNT – Spray Tanning System

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The MaxiMist™ Pro TNT allows all components to be stored onboard

Everything fits inside with room to spare for tanning solution and accessories

With a pop up carry handle your ready to go

Simply put, if you’re looking for high performance and value, The MaxiMist™ Pro TNT delivers without compromise

MaxiMist™ Pro TNT Features and Specifications

CE, EU, ECAL Certifications
Powerful 570 Watt Variable Speed 2 Stage Turbine
Rated for 40+ applications a day
11.5ft/3.5m Hose w/Control Head
3 TNT Spray Heads with 6.75oz/200ml Cups
On Board Spray Gun Storage
Spare Spray Gun Cup Gasket and Pickup Tube
Spare Spray Gun Nozzle Gasket
Spare Turbine Filter
Detailed Instruction Manual
3 year warranty

30 in stock

Warranty: 3 Years

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40+ applications per day
On-board storage
Spa Quiet
Variable Speed Turbine
> Pro TNT




Twist off for


body drying

Pro TNT with - On / Off switch

at the gun !!

Pro TNT - Power Dial

for precision


MaxiMist Pro TNT – Spray Tanning System

The Ultimate High Performance “Quiet” Tanning System from a Brand you can trust

The MaxiMist Pro TNT is the perfect unit for the mobile tech or salon/spa that demands performance and unsurpassed dependability along with quietoperation.

The MaxiMist™ Pro TNT features a powerful 570 watt 2 Stage Variable Speed Turbine motor, paired with an easy to manage light weight Spray Gun. The German engineered spray nozzle is designed to maximize solution atomization, while providing the least amount of overspray possible. German engineering at its best!

The MaxiMist™ Pro TNT features the most advanced Spray Gun on the market. All the controls are on the Spray Gun itself. A variable speed control that allows you to dial in the exact air flow you need to apply any tanning solution flawlessly.

Set at its lowest setting the unit will spray 99% of all tanning solutions with flawless precision while running extremely quiet and cooler than any other unit on the market in its class! Need more power, just crank it up and still enjoy a whisper quiet operation.

To turn the unit on or off, simply flip the switch right at the gun!

The MaxiMist™ Pro TNT “Twist N Tan” Spray Gun is super simple to use, extremely lightweight and incorporates a Non-Stick needle to virtually eliminate tanning solution buildup and corrosion, which are the leading reasons for most gun clogs.

With an improved ergonomic handle with comfort-grip and a unique patented split gun system, “Twist N Tan” enables fast solution changes for the busy tanner, no fussing with extra cups and lids.

The MaxiMist™ Pro TNT includes 3 Spray heads!

Simple adjustments right at the trigger allow you to precisely control the spray pattern and will apply any tanning solution with flawless precision.
A quick twist of the Air cap enables a Horizontal or Vertical spray technique.

Another unique benefit with our new Twist N Tan Spray Gun is the “Blow Dry” feature. Once your spray session is completed, simply remove the spray head and blow dry your client. Now that’s innovation!

The MaxiMist™ Pro TNT is packaged with a unique “Conical” bottom tapered cup. This design enhancement eliminates the flat bottom “solution pool dead zone” found in other cup designs. The specialised Conical bottom forces all solution in the cup towards the center where the pickup tube is located; this allows a more flexible range of movement while spraying, as well as optimum tanning solution pickup.

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